Dood van een grote dame

Door de vakantiedrukte kwam ik dit pas vandaag te weten.

Adieu, Lieve Lenka, het ga je goed, waar en hoe dan ook.

Hospodářské noviny - Czech Republic | Monday, June 30, 2008

Lenka Reinerova has died

Lenka Reinerova, the last great Prague author to write in German, died on Friday aged 92. She is mourned for on both sides of the Czech-German border. Hospodarske Noviny writes in an obituary: "The news of her death came as a shock. That may sound paradoxical in view of her age. But people believed that this vital, unbroken person would live forever. For many years Reinerova personified the grand era of the Czech, German, Jewish symbiosis. This was destroyed by the Nazis then further decimated by the savage expulsions (after World War II) and the Bolshevik cleansings. But Lenka Reinerova remained miraculously alive. ... The Prague Literature House of German-language Authors was the fulfilment of her dream. We owe it to her to go on living this dream in practice."

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